VRChances icon of a worker wearing a VR headset and various tools


VRChances is a Virtual Reality career orientation application in which users can try out different professions and complete job-related quests. The currently supported vocations are electrician and chef. A robotic guide supports the players and explains the tools and workflow of each job.

In the electrician scenario, the user installs an electric socket and a light switch. In a more advanced quest, the user then extends the electric circuit by connecting two multiway switches via traveler wires.

In the kitchen scene, the player can cut various vegetables, mix batter, and use pans and pots to cook food on the stove. The guide provides recipes and teaches the player how to cook them.

The application has been developed using the Unity game engine at Graz University of Technology, in cooperation with Jugend am Werk.

The VRChances guide greeting the player in a bright room.
The guide supports players on their journey.
The player removes the insulation of electric wires.
The wire stripper can be used to remove a wire's insulation.
The VRChances guide in the electrician scene, explaining the phase, neutral and grounding wires to the player.
The guide explains basic electrician terminology to the player.
The VRChances kitchen/chef scenario
Players can try out being a chef in a kitchen.
The player cutting vegetables using a knife.
The player can cut vegetables using a knife.
The player pouring batter into a pan on a stove.
The player can cook food in pans and pots on the stove.

Project: VRChances

04/01/2023 - 04/30/2024

Arbeiterkammer Steiermark