AIT 2020

AIT features the SpInnovation project, a cooperation between the two institutes ISDS and IIM. The goal is to gain experience in prototype development with interesting new technologies (e.g. IoT, VRAR, smart hw, maker movement, blockchain,..) combined with idea-finding processes, maker-movement know-how, and entrepreneurial insights. Workshops on the topics are part of this course.

The project duration is 8 weeks. The project is organized in 3 phases. Each phases ends with a Gate meeting, where defined requirements have to be met before the group can continue proceeding into the next phase.

  • Problem analysis: 2 weeks; participants should learn to understand the task
  • Idea Generation: 3 weeks; independent brainstorming and ideation by students
  • Prototyping: 3 weeks; realization of the best 1-2 ideas


all lectures start at 13:00 (in Discord)

  • 11.01. Kick-off -> Discord Introduction
  • 13.01. Problem Understanding Workshop
  • 20.01. Gate 1 & Idea Generation Workshop
  • 27.01. Meeting 1
  • 03.02. Gate 2 & Rapid Prototyping & Coding Workshop
  • 10.02. Meeting 2
  • 17.02. Gate 3
  • 24.02. Final Presentation

Focus Field 20/21: “Accessibility” – How existing gadgets can be used to provide new solutions and help for disabled people

Gadgets 20/21: tba

Team Size: 3-4 students per team

Location: Online, Laboratory for Innovation Graz, FSI, ISDS