Major Games Engineering

GameDev Graz


Learn not only how to design, but how to engineer games. In the major “Games Engineering” you acquire both fundamental and more detailed knowledge about game development, game design, real-time graphics, simulation, and animation techniques and build first games for your portfolio. The major is available in the two English master’s programs:


TU Graz also provides a unique research infrastructure in the fields of games research and computer graphics and is also known for its research on augmented and virtual reality applications.

International Network.

Every year, TU Graz also hosts Austria’s largest game developers conference and regularly invites international Guest speakers such as Josh Sawyer (Fallout), Jonathan Blow (Braid), Patrice Desilets (Assassin’s Creed), Noah Falstein (Indiana Jones), or Ivan Buchta (Arma Series).

Extracurricular Activities.

You can take part in game jams organized at TU Graz, including the annual Global Game Jam. You can also join the student team, the TU Game Dev Students Graz, a student organization supporting game developers and known for many achievements and awards including the Apple Design Award.

Game Jam 2017 - European Youth Award