GDD 2 (2019)

Game Design and Development 2 2019

Past Games: 2017 – 2018


  • 14.03. Guest Lecture “Rainer Angermann”, CEO Rarebyte
  • 29.03.Lecture 0 – Intro
  • 01.04. 15:00 Guest Lecture “Leonel Morgado”
  • 05.04. Lecture 1 – Announcement Assignment 1
  • 12.04. no lecture (Everyone is at the Reboot conference)
  • 03.05. Lecture 2 – Submit Assignment 1
  • 10.05. Lecture 3
  • 17.05. Lecture 4 – Announcement Assignment 2
  • 24.05. Lecture 5
  • 14.06. Submit Assignment 2
  • 14.06. Lecture 6 – Submit First Prototypes
  • 21.06. (Substitute Lecture)
  • 28.06. (Substitute Lecture)
  • 06.09. – 08.09. Game Dev Days
  • 04.10. – Game Presentations & Submit Final Submission

Final presentation & submission

  • Prepare a ~short (max!) 7-minute presentation about your game.
  • At least one member of your team needs to be present.
  • Don’t forget to bring the binder with your game design report + game on CD/DVD/USB! On the first page of your binder I need the list of the names + matr. numbers of the acitve group members from your group.
  • If you need hardware, please write us an email to in advance.


  • Start Set-Up 13:00 (because I got several emails that there is an overlap with another lecture) to set up your games in form of a small exhibition in FSI 1.
  • Around 13:30 we will start with the presentations and then to go from game to game and try out the games. Everyone should be able to try out the other games as well.
  • We will be finished between 15:30/16:00. (The room is reserved until 18:00 in case you want to play longer).



Game Discussions

GDC Lectures

Individual Assignment

Group Assignment

05.4. 11:00 send email with the group names + describing ideas (max 300 characters)


  • Groupwork (70%)
    • 10P: AI Topic Summary+ Mini Presentation
    • 60P: (Game with Special Devices / VR & AI + Design Document + Video + Presentation & Exhibition)
      • Design + Idea (Game Mechanics etc.)
      • Game Design Document
      • Video + Game Pitch (Final Presentations)
      • Game + Gameplay
      • QA Feedback!
      • First prototype: May
      • Final presentations End of June / Start of Oct
    • 2 Individual Homeworks (30%) – also for the London Group


ESA Annual Report: 

Books Recommendations for this course

This is my personal recommendation for a reading list. And also a list of books I use for the lecture.

*** Jane McGonigal – Reality is Broken One of my favorite books. Jane McGonigal gives some inspirations and ideas of how to use games in different contexts. Reads like a novel and avoids theoretical aspects.
*** Jesse Schell – The Art of Game Design This is the book I am using a lot for my lecture. Very good summary of the most important design aspects from different points of view (technical aspects, player psychology, all different design things).
*** Scott Rogers – Level Up (2nd Edition) Also a very good design on game design. I’ve especially enjoyed the bonus chapters with inspirational lists for environments, game mechanics, and different templates as an inspirational resource for your games.
** Jeremy Gibson – Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development This book gives also a very nice introduction to game design techniques, but in a more practical manner. The main part of this book is a Unity and C# tutorial.
** Raph Koster – A Theory of Fun I simply love the style of this book. It has comics and sketches 😉
* Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Wonderful book (THE book) about the flow experience with neat examples from all different fields.
* Katie Salen & Eric Zimmerman – Rules of Play Very interesting book on game design with a lot of practical examples. Note: Amazon credit me a small referral amount, should you purchase a book after following these links.