The research project EWA deals with the topic of strategic planning in drinking water supply to cope better with an uncertain future development. In the project, a decision support tool for water supply systems is being developed, which is able to derive robust system extensions or adaptations. Various planning alternatives with regard to security of supply, coverage of water requirements, life cycle costs and resource conservation can be examined in the tool, taking into account changing factors such as socio-demographic and climatic developments. The tool uses playful aspects to support intuitive solution finding. Such an approach is also known as a “serious game”. The project also uses big data analyzes using machine learning algorithms to analyze time series data (smart meters, pressure and flow measurements). These are currently being developed in the research project ADAM (Advanced DAta-driven Modeling in water loss management). Long-term use of the web-based tool is ensured, among other things, by involving water supply companies, planning offices, state representatives and municipalities in the development of the tool.

Project: EWA (Decision Support for Water Supply System Planning involving Future Change Szenarios)

06/01/2020 -