September Game Jam Graz 2014

48 hours, 25 jammer, 7 games, 4.8 kg cookies, 4.3 kg choclate, 3.1 kg gummi bears, 18.4 l coffee. This was the September Game Graz 2014.

As usual it was happening at Graz University of Technology and this time the jam was organized by Johanna Pirker @joeyprink supported by Michael List @scarfront, Matthias Frey @ninjadev, Rainer Angermann @rangermann & Marco Fruhwirth @fruhwirthmarco

This time we had different topics the jammers could chose of:

  • “Winter is coming”
  • “As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems”*hat
  • Pic of rolled Story Cube Dices
  • Top Hat Jam: *art by @scarfront

All games can be found and played here:

Some impressions:


logologo1 tug

Bytepoets  CF_Logo


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