Pre-Christimas Talks 18/12 @GameDev/TuGraz

This Friday 18/12 2015 we have a full schedule on game-related and start-up related talks and events at TU Graz. All talks are in HS i11, Inffeldgasse 16b KG.

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*** 13:00 “3D Modeling in Blender”, Phil Gosch – HS i11 ***

3D artist Phil Gosch ( will give a tutorial on how to use Blender for 3D modeling – you can also bring your laptop if you want to follow along the tutorial.

*** 14:00 GameDev Talk 18/12 14:00 – Daniel Klug, Greenheart Games insights – HS i11 ***
One of the makers of the very popular and famous game “Game Dev Tycoon” will visit us.

Daniel Klug will talk about Greenheart Games ( and will give us some insights: how do they work, how did they came up with the idea of their popular game Game Dev Tycoon, how they did end up where they are now, what are the challenges/advantages of a full remote team … and of course of their famous piracy system.

Bio: Daniel has been in the software industry for over ten years. Prior to founding Greenheart Games he worked extensively with C++ and later int WPF/C# and the .NET Compact Framework space.


*** 15:30 BIT TALK – Accessio – How to Start-up (lean) – HS i11 ***
Elevator Pitch winner Dominik Wieser will talk about his start-up “Accessio”.

Dominik founded Accessio ( together with Philipp Reitter in 2015. In his talk he will tell the story how the idea was born and developed and talk about the lessons learned founding a company. Dominik and Philipp attended the Gründergarage which is a course for students who think about founding a company. He will also talk about the Lean Startup Methode and the way they build their prototypes and product. In the end he he shares his opinion and thoughts about the Startup Scene in Graz and his motivation for founding Accessio.

Bio: Dominik Wieser visited the HTL in Innsbruck for Electronics. Then he decided to study Information and Computer Engineering at Graz University of Technology. He currently is at the beging of his Master studies. In 2015 he co-founded Accessio, a company that simplifies access to business parkinglots. Dominik also worked for NXP Semiconductors and Swarovski.

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