DARIAH Summer School 2014

DARIAH International Digital Humanities Summer School

Digital Textual Analysis / 3-D Objects and Virtual Worlds
Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities
August 17-30, 2014
This summer school will use a progressive, multidisciplinary, research-oriented approach to introduce
early stage researchers (primarily MA and Ph.D. students) to the possibilities that computer-based
methods and tools bring to their research, providing them with the tools, theories, and
methodologies of best practice in digital humanities at the start of their scholarly careers.
This summer school is taught as a two-week long intensive course with two parallel strands:

1) Digital Textual Analysis
In the textual analysis strand, led by Veronique Hoste (University of Gent, Belgium), the focus will be
on extracting linguistic and literary information from textual data using programming scripts and
other typically command-line driven tools.

2) 3-D objects and virtual worlds
In the 3D objects and Virtual Worlds strand, led by Johanna Pirker (Graz University of Technology, Graz), the students will learn to construct 3D objects from 2D images using Blender and then to animate them to create 3D virtual worlds using the Unity 3D gaming engine.

Students in both strands will also be led by Susan Schreibman (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) in the construction of a research-project proposal based on their own research questions and data. This proposal will then be used to guide their own year-long digital humanities research projects, which will be evaluated by the instructors and for which each participant will receive extra ECTS credits.

ECTS credits will be awarded both for attendance at the summer school and completion of the follow-up project. The Summer School will be taught in English, and all participants will be expected to bring their own laptops. Your accommodation in Göttingen and the entire tuition fee for attending the Summer School will be covered by Erasmus funding, as well as 90 percent of your travel costs – a great opportunity to learn new digital methods and technologies and meet like-minded scholars from all over Europe!

More information on the summer school can be found here: http://www.gcdh.de/en/teaching/2014-

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