Open Game Jam 2017

From September 29 to October 1st, 2017 the first ever Open Game Jam – organized by WTZ Süd in co-operation with Game Development Graz – gathered together 30 creative and talented people from all fields of studies and mixed backgrounds for 48 hours of jamming!

According to the event’s motto “Connecting arts, tech and humanities for social innovation” university and even high school students from various study fields got together in interdisciplinary teams and collaborated on creating fun games based around the given theme “SUPERPOWERS!“. While traditional game jams usually attract people with computer science, tech, arts and audio background, this time we had especially invited students with more interdisciplinary backgrounds such as humanities and business administration. As a result we had very mixed teams, with students from Psychology, Translation and Global Studies successfully participating and bringing in their special knowledge alongside techies, artists and sound engineers – thus enhancing the overall interdisciplinary nature of the jam.

All together, five diverse teams have created five different awesome games revolving around this theme, with all of them being presented at the final pitch session on October 1st: “Fish Revenge – The Superpower of Evolution”, “SuperMom”, “Grown-Up”, “Cry Hero Cry” and “Dr. Pi  – Escaping Retirement” – all of them unique and innovative in their own way!

The games developed at this Open Game Jam can be played at

The organizers are delighted about the first-time success of the Open Game Jam and are already looking forward to the second edition of the Open Game Jam next year!

Here are some impressions of the Open Game Jam at Campus Inffeldgasse, TU Graz: highly motivated, interdisciplinary teams developing superpower games for social innovation!