Developed solutions @ Hackathon for a world without barriers

Here you find an overview of the solutions developed by interdisciplinary student teams at the first “Hackathon for a world without barriers“:

A Helping Hand (Android App) 

“A Helping Hand” is a community-based app that aims to bring volunteers and people in need together. As a person in need of help, you can use the app both to schedule a time for a volunteer to help you, or to ask for immediate help from the closest nearby volunteers. As a volunteer, you just have to sign in to be a part of the volunteer community that will be notified when someone needs help.

 GuideDoggo (Windows App)

“GuideDoggo” is a modular software system for sighted people, who can audify navigation routes for blind people, in a fixed classification. These navigation routes are easy export into various languages (i.e. German and English) and the scalable software comes as audio-visual standalone software with small data size and a gamified surface with intuitive usability.

Navigeye (iOS App)

“Navigeye” is an iOS app for iPhone and Apple Watch that guides blind people through the use of live data from Holding Graz and iBeacons to the right bus and tram stops in Graz, thus facilitating travel and change of transportation mode in public transport. (more text to follow).

oops – on/off [speech controlled] power switch (Hardware/Software solution)

Lösung einer sprachgesteuerten Steckdose mit Fokus auf offline, einfaches Interface, stabile Erkennung von Befehlen, Unterdrückung von Nebengeräuschen.

Prototyp: Steckdose erweitert mit Relais, USB Versorgung, Raspberry Pi und USB Headset. Steuerung über lernbare Sprachbefehle zum *Ein*/*Aus*schalten des Stromfluss. Software: Open-Source Python Software zur Erkennung von Audiofrequenzen erweitert, konfiguriert, trainiert und auf den Use-Case optimiert. Funktioniert vollständig und unabhängig als Zwischenteil: Steckdose <-> Gerät.

Im Fokus die Anwendung bei Hausarbeiten wie Staubsaugen die es dem Anwender erlauben Gegenstände wie Möbel und Teppiche beidhändig zu entfernen. Der Staubsauger kann in dieser Zeit ausgeschaltet werden, ohne erst die Bedienfläche finden zu müssen.

Ausblick: Entwicklungen sind im Bereich von Werkzeugen (zB. Standbohrmaschine) oder als zusätlicher Not-Aus-Schalter in genereller Form denkbar.

SwimBack (Apple Watch App)

SwimBack is an innovative iOS App, that utilizes the GPS capabilities of an Apple Watch to support blind people to swim completely independent.
This is achieved by guiding swimmers along an invisible line through haptic and acoustic feedback: different lengths and intensities of vibrations help to distinguish between left or right.
Building on top of this, the swimmers can also set a return point, to easily locate their belongings after a swim, or similarly a point of entry (e.g. footbridge). But also other safety measures, such as a warning if the swimmer distanced himself too far from the shore and distress calls (if supported by the watch) are implemented.

ShopSee (Android App)

“ShopSee” is an innovative Android app that uses an intelligent shopping list to enable efficient, voice-driven navigation and shopping in supermarkets. The app is designed to be used by both people with vision and people without vision, by providing a user-friendly visual interface along with voice control for acoustic interaction. With acoustic and haptic feedback (vibrations to “feel” where products are located in a market), it smoothly guides you through the process of setting up a shopping list and then efficiently walking through the supermarket along the best, optimized route provided to you by ShopSee.


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